Baltic Client Photos

Michael & Sheila Easter sailed on a Baltic Cruise on Regent’s “Seven Seas Voyager” in August 2009 to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The Easters took part in a special evening excursion offered by Regent to Catherine the Great’s Palace in St. Petersburg. They had a tour of her carriages in the carriage house which included some of her traveling garments. Then they went on to tour the Palace. There was a band awaiting their arrival and a ballerina and her partner who arrived by carriage to perform for them in front of the Palace. Next, they walked across the lawn to a large restaurant where they were served a four course meal and Michael Easter danced with one of the Russian singer/entertainers. The Easters were also entertained inside the Palace by Catherine, herself, as well as a concert of classical music in the Hall of Mirrors. They said it was an incredible evening!

They shared some pictures of their trip with us below:

The Easters in Stockholm

The Easters made chocolates in this quaint town of Tallinn, Estonia.

 The Easters made chocolates in this quaint town of Tallinn, Estonia.

Sheila Easter with The Church of Our Saviour of Spilt Blood in the background

Catherine the Great’s Palace

Sheila Easter inside Catherine the Great’s Palace

The Room of Mirrors and classical concert and Catherine the Great’s Palace

Catherine the Great

Michael Easter dancing with a Russian singer

Visby, Gotland, an island in the Gulf of Finland which belongs to Sweden.

Sheila Easter on the back steps of the Buckingham Palace after a rare tour of the inside.

Cruise Escapes client Norm Housch went on a 10 day Baltic cruise visiting Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden May 13-23, 2009 on Holland America’s “Eurodam”

Baltic Sea at Kuehlungsburn, Germany

Danish Royal Residence

Changing of the Guard at the Royal Residence

“Eurodam” in port

The “Eurodam” in Stockholm

Hermitage Museum
Nevsky Cathedral, Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
Peterhof (Palace of Peter the Great)
Warnemunde, Germany
Windmills in Denmark